Fall 2020 Workshop Series

The Student Success Centre offers a variety of workshops through Zoom to help support your academic success.



Back by popular demand! Join the Student Success Centre for a 3-part virtual workshop to improve your online learning success! Learn how to set up a proper study space, keep up with coursework, reduce procrastination, improve your study skills and ace your online exams.

The 3-part workshop will be offered via Zoom on the following Wednesdays from 12 - 1 p.m.:

  • Sept 23 – Setting up a study space, online basics and where to find help
  • Sept 30 – Time management and how to stay motivated
  • Oct 7 – Study skills and strategies for writing online exams

To register, visit the Events and Workshops calendar on the MyExperience website: Once you have registered, you will be provided with the Zoom link and password.



This workshop series is offered via Zoom on the following Wednesdays from 12 - 1 p.m.:


Oct 14: Reading and Note Taking Skills

Reading and note-taking are essential to learning in university. We will discuss some best practices to get the most out of your lectures and books.

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Oct 21: Effective Study Groups

Study groups can have a positive impact on your learning and are a great way to connect with your peers. We will review how to create a study group that is both effective and supportive.

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Oct 28: Time Management and Creating a Study Schedule

Coursework can pile up quickly! We will discuss some tools and techniques to help you stay on top of your classes and better balance your home and school life.

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Nov 4: Effective Study Skills

Developing effective study skills is a key to academic success. We will cover a variety of study techniques and tools to help you get the most out your review time.

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Nov 18: Preparing for Exams

Stuck in a cycle of cramming for exams? We will discuss the importance of starting early, how to break studying into chunks and how to prepare for different types of exams.

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Nov 25: Reducing Procrastination and Building Motivation

Most students struggle with academic procrastination in one form or another. We will cover strategies to help you reduce procrastination and build up your motivation.

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Dec 2: Finishing the Semester Strong

You are on the homestretch. We will wrap up the Learning for Success series and discuss how to finish your semester with success!

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