Study Tips

Our Learning Strategist offers you support for study skills, including: time management, textbook reading, exam preperation, concept mapping, taking notes, writing exams and more!

We take a holistic approach to learning, focusing on academic skills and student wellness.

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Here are some study tips that will help you out:

  • Manage your time well:

    • Make a personal study schedule and stick to it. Find a good time and place to study that’s free of distractions.

    • Break your study time up into 40-60 minute chunks with 5-10 minute breaks in between.

    • Set attainable, short-term goals for each study session. Combine some routine tasks with more challenging study.

  • Build in regular review:

    • Review your notes on a regular basis, combine your class notes with your textbook notes, and identify what you need help with – well before the exam!

    • Each week do a 30-60 minute review of what you’ve covered in class.

    • Don’t forget to follow up your classes by reviewing your notes, rewriting messy parts, and filling in gaps.

    • You’ll understand and remember textbook content better if you write notes in your own words.

  • Exam preparation:

    • Be active in your studying: explain the material out loud, teach the material to a friend, do a practice quiz, and solve problems.

    • To help you study, draw diagrams and concept maps to visually represent the content and show relationships.

    • Self-testing is one of the most effective ways to prepare for exams. Use flashcards, go over old exams, textbook questions, or create your own test questions – there are many ways to do this.

    • Make a study guide! Gather up your notes, organize into topic piles, label the piles, and condense your notes again by topic.

    • Good exam preparation includes looking after yourself as well. Make sure that you are eating properly, getting some exercise, and enough sleep.