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Peer Learning Mentors

Our Peer Learning Mentors are uLethbridge students just like you! They know what it’s like to learn, study and overcome their own obstacles as students. Trained in a full-range of study skills strategies, they can help you develop the skills you need to reach your academic goals!


Amelia BA/BEd - History

Hi friends! My name’s Amelia and I’m a fifth-year history and education student. I’m incredibly passionate about social history and consider myself a Dad joke connoisseur. I’m super excited to be a Peer Learning Mentor this year because I know exactly what it’s like to sink in a class before you learn how to swim. My favourite animal is the moose, I’m terrified of stingrays, I love ginger snap cookies, and 9/10 times you see me I will be drinking coffee! I have tons of experience working as a tour guide, so don’t be anxious to ask me for some GUIDE-ance!


Anjali BASc - Philosophy, Psychology

Hey there! This is Anjali (I say it like "un-juh-lee"). I am pursuing a double major in Philosophy and Psychology. I'm specifically interested in child and adolescent behaviour. I find equal amounts of joy in reading philosophical texts and in watching animated movies. As a current undergrad, I have some experience in 'hanging-in-there' with more than a couple of deadlines, that I can share. I look forward to meeting you! 


Meaghan BN

Hi! My name is Meaghan, and I am a fourth-year Bachelor of Nursing student. Prior to entering the nursing program, I completed 2 years of a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in psychology. When I graduate, I would love to work in pediatrics but I’m not sure which specialty yet. My favourite study spot on campus is in the pool observatory. When I’m not studying, I work as broker support for an insurance company, I try to go the gym 3-4 mornings a week, and I love watching movies with my husband (Christmas movies are my favourite but I can’t convince anyone to watch them with me in July…).


Nevyn BSc - Neuroscience, Psychology

Hello everyone! My name is Nevyn Sauter and I am currently in my fourth year of a neuroscience and psychology double major. My dream job is to be a psychiatrist someday. I love to travel and my favourite place in the world is Arthur’s seat in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I don’t love coffee. I am more of a tea person, but red bull is definitely my caffeinated beverage of choice, especially on the long nights in the library. From my time at the university, I have learned some helpful things about managing it all. I would love to pass on some tips and tricks to anyone who needs them! I look forward to meeting with you!