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Finding Things & People

I want to find supports for First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) students?
FNMI students have access to all University services for students. In addition, there are FNMI-specific supports available through the FNMI Student Services office, which is located at Iikaisskini (Low Horn) Gathering place. Iikaisskini Gathering Place is located across from Mount Blakiston student residence.

Students in the Faculty of Health Sciences can find information on the Faculty website.

You can also contact or join the Native American Students’ Association.


How do I find my way around campus?
Ask a friend to help you find a specific room or for a tour. Visit the Enrolment Services office (SU065) in the Student’s Union Building or email They can arrange a tour or provide you with a campus map. The uLethbridge mobile app has a map and the ULeth Toolkit app has several maps or find a map online.

Download the ULeth toolkit app. iPhone, Android

Download the uLethbridge mobile app.


I'm an international student and I'm finding it really hard to meet Canadian students.
Clubs are a great way to meet people and cover a variety of interests.

Make an effort to talk to your classmates, who are often interested in meeting students from other cultures but may be shy about making an initial contact. 

The International Centre is a good way to meet other international students, and they also offer English language tutoring by Canadian students.

Look for volunteer opportunities, on campus or in the community. The University has a partnership with Volunteer Lethbridge called UVolunteer. You may even be able to get course credit for your volunteer hours.


I don't know how to find a club I'm interested in.
The Students’ Union website has a list of ratified clubs with contact information. The best way to find out if you want to join a club is to go to a meeting and talk to members. Explore your interests!


I need nutritional advice.
Make an appointment to talk to the dietician at the Health Centre. You will be asked to complete a three-day food journal to bring to your first appointment.


I left something (sweater, cellphone, textbook) in my classroom.
Go back to the classroom; it may still be there or someone may have left a note about the item on the whiteboard. You can also check with your professor.

Check the Lost and Found Office in Security in L911 (below the Library, at the entrance to the walkway to University Hall). Leave your contact information as the item may be turned in after you leave. 


My laptop dies.
Keep your laptop recharged for each day's classes; if it fades quickly, carry your recharger/cord with you. Classrooms and meeting rooms sometimes have conveniently located electrical outlets that you can use.

Be prepared to take notes with paper and pen; borrow from a classmate if necessary. 

If you have an assignment or paper due, ask your professor if you can submit it via email instead. 

If your computer is really dead, go to the IT Solutions Centre for assistance.

In the meantime, use a computer in one of the computer labs.


How do I find out what's going on around campus?
One way is to go to the People tab on the home page ( and choose Visitors & Community (