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Missing a Class or Multiple Classes

I miss a class because I'm sick.
Email your professor, before class if possible.  Check on the course Moodle page for any notes or handouts. Ask a friend or classmate for notes. Do NOT say to the professor, “Did I miss anything?"


I miss class and I don't know anyone I can ask for notes.
Check the course Moodle page for any notes or handouts first. Email the class list (format is to ask your classmates for notes. Remember the professor is on this list too!  As a last resort, email your professor and ask if there are notes you can borrow.


I get sick and miss a week and a half of classes and assignments and then have a really hard time catching up.
This can be a real problem, especially if it is late in the semester. The first step is to talk to your professor(s), who may be able to help you with extended deadlines. 

Get a tutor, if possible, and talk to a learning strategist ( 

You can also ask a friend or classmate who is doing well in the class for help

If you are behind in more than one course, talk to your Faculty academic advisor as soon as you can. They can help you contact professors and may advocate on your behalf, especially if you are able to provide proof of why you were away (e.g., a doctor’s note).

It may be possible to get an Incomplete in one or more courses if it’s in the last two weeks of the semester. This designation gives you extra time after the end of a semester to finish the course. Filing for an incomplete designation must be completed before the end of classes in consultation with an academic advisor and your professor, and requires specific documentation. Contact your Faculty academic advisor to find out if this is an option for you or if another option may be a better choice.


I get sick or have a family emergency and have to leave school.
If you can, let your professors know. Contact your Faculty academic advising office to let them know. An academic advisor will explain your options to you, give you advice, refer you to support services and may advocate on your behalf with professors if you have provided documentation for why you have to be away (e.g., a doctor’s note).


I'm on a university sports team and need to miss classes.
Work with an academic advisor to plan your schedule and avoid taking classes that interfere with team practice or games. If this is not possible, talk to your professors and let them know well in advance, with a reminder just before. If you need to miss any major deadlines such as a test because you are out of town with your team, provide as much advance notice as possible.

If there’s a conflict between the practice schedule and a class, talk to your coach about making up practice time so you don’t miss class.

Remember that you are a student first.