Important Information

Emergency Service Police, Fire, Ambulance 911
Security Emergency 403-329-2345
Complaints / Information 403-329-2549
Administration 403-329-2603
Security Office location
Library Building: L911


  • Drivers

    • Decreased daylight hours makes it harder to see people
    • Be vigiliant about keeping pedestrians and cyclists safe!
  • Pedestrians

    • Wear brightly coloured or reflective clothing; helps drivers to see you better
    • Use crosswalks and keep to sidewalks
    • Familiarize yourself with Help Phones
    • Remember that vehicles need more time to stop in slippery weather conditions
  • Cyclists

    • Wear a helmet and reflective clothing
    • Observe the rules of the road
    • Where Can I Ride?
    • Where Can I Park?
    • Remember that vehicles need more time to stop in slippery conditions
  • The Working Alone program is to enhance the personal safety of faculty, staff and students when they are working alone on campus, particularly in the evening or outside of normal working hours. Advise Security Services if you would like them to touch base with you and/or if you require Safe Walk to assist you as you depart campus.

    Any life threatening situation phone 911 and or Security Services at 403-329-2345.


    Working Alone?

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