Information Systems Minor

Program Suspended

Admission to the Major and Minor in Information Systems has been suspended, beginning May 1, 2013 (i.e. for the 2013/2014 academic year and thereafter, until further notice). More information can be found in Program News on the Faculty of Management website.
General Requirements

Students must complete at least four courses (12.0 credit hours), including at least one course (3.0 credit hours) at the 3000/4000 level.Students may not double count courses required for the minor in fulfilling requirements for their major or second minor. The four courses comprising the minor must be distinct from any such major or second minor requirements.For students who complete the required courses, the minor will be acknowledged on the official transcript.Minors are available in the Bachelor of Management degree, Post-Diploma Bachelor of Management degree, Professional Diploma in Accounting, Management Certificate and second degrees in Management.

Why Complete an Information Systems Minor?

The objective of this minor is to understand how information systems are designed, built, and used in organizations. Increasingly, jobs require not only basic software literacy but also an understanding of how to organize, retrieve, and use information to support operations and decision making.

Courses Required in the Information Systems Minor

The four courses required for the minor in Information Systems include:

Required Course:
Management 3830 - Contemporary Database Applications
Three of:
Management 3170 - Accounting Information Systems
Management 3821 - Visual Programming Applications
Management 3862 - E-commerce Management
Management 3920 - Project Management
Management 4380 - Management Issues in Information Systems
Management 4840 - Systems Analysis

Note: Students should be aware that some of the above courses have prerequisites which may require taking courses extra to their degrees. Check with an academic advisor for more information.

Note: Minors are linked to your calendar year and some minors may not be available for previous calendar years. Your calendar year will be the year of your most recent admission to the University of Lethbridge. Contact an Academic Advisor for more information (see Academic Advising).