Information Systems

Program Suspended

Admission to the Majors and Minor in Information Systems has been suspended, beginning May 1, 2013 (i.e. for the 2013/2014 academic year and thereafter, until further notice).

What is Information Systems?

Information Systems is the study of both technical and behavioral issues concerning the design, development and use of information systems that comprise communication and information technologies. The program provides students with a carefully designed and balanced curriculum that covers contemporary technical knowledge in programming, database, networking and systems, as well as related managerial issues.

About the Information Systems Major

As an IS major you’ll study how computer technologies can solve business problems. You’ll explore issues such as how to collaborate when the new-product development team lives on different continents. How to interface effectively and securely with suppliers and customers. How to ensure that decision makers have exactly the information they need. How to protect against hackers. You’ll study analysis, design and development of computer systems. You’ll study networks and telecommunications. You’ll be the first to see the new applications and the revolutionizing technologies. You’ll become an expert in gathering, organizing, analyzing, reporting and transmitting information. And, throughout, you’ll learn to assess organizations’ information and communication needs.

Why a Major in Information Systems?
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