What is Finance?

Finance is the study of financial markets, financial instruments and investment decision making and analyzes alternative methods in obtaining, managing and using capital. Finance incorporates basic economics, accounting and statistics in simple and complex mathematical models to simplify and study the complete economic reality of financing business and investments. From planning national policy to structuring the financing of major projects to managing personal investments, financial analysts interpret quantitative and qualitative information to manage money effectively.

About the Finance Major

Finance grads follow two career paths: corporate finance or investments. Both use mathematical models and sound ethical judgment to integrate forecasts, past trends, the impact of historic and current events, financial analysts. As a finance major, you’ll study the essential elements of corporate finance and investments and then choose options such as global finance, portfolio management, financial institutions and markets, derivatives and financial modeling. The Canadian Securities Course is another step and is recommended for investment advisors. You can complete the CSC while in the program or after you graduate.

Why a Major in Finance?
Why a UofL Degree in Management?
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