The Timetable is a great resource for planning your registration your course selection before registering on the Bridge. In the timetable, you can search sections of courses offered at Ulethbridge. It’s a great way to become familiar with courses, learn which courses are offered on which campuses, and how the courses you want may fit in to the schedule you build. There are two formats in which you can access timetable information: the Timetable Search and the Timetable Listing.

Timetable Search

The Registrar's Office Timetable Search functions and displays similar to the Bridge’s ‘Course Look Up’. Search results from this Timetable will tell you all the information you require about each course, such as: course name, CRN number, dates, times, locations, instructor’s name, course designation, prerequisites, corequisites, recommended background, course notes etc. View the Registration Worksheet tutorial to understand course components better and Understanding the Timetable to understand how the information is being displayed.

Timetable Listing

The Timetable Listing is another way that you can find all of the Timetable information that you need in another format. Choose the year, the campus and the semester and search the courses that you are interested in taking in the future.