Award FAQ's


If you have received an award, scholarship or bursary, congratulations! Please read all the information below as it outlines specific details about receiving your award(s).

The following information is required before your award can be released:

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN). Unless you are an International student, a SIN is required before any awards can be issued. You can provide your SIN through the Bridge, under 'Personal Information'. 
  • Full-time enrolment (unless otherwise specified). You must be a continuing full-time enrolled (minimum of 9.0 credit hours per semester for Undergraduate students) in a program for the next academic session at uLethbridge. Exclusions are awards designated for part-time students or if you are graduating. Our office will complete enrolment confirmations and will email your uleth email address if this requirement is not met. 

Please note: If you withdraw from full-time studies after having received a payment for an award, unpaid balances will be forfeited.

  • Awards are automatically applied to your uLethbridge cash office student account. Please review your award notification email for disbursement dates.
  • Awards will be issued in two equal payments* over the Fall and Spring semesters. Please review your award notification email for specific disbusement dates and when you can receive your funds. IMPORTANT: the cash office will not release your awards prior to the date stated on your award notification email.
  • If you have fees owing at the time of disbursement, your award will be applied to your tuition and fees. 
  • If no fees are outstanding, there are four options:
    • Leave on your student account. You can leave your award(s) on your student account to cover future tuition and fees. No action is required for this option.
    • Mailed cheque. Please email to request a cheque be mailed directly to you, after the noted disbursement dates in your award notification email. Be sure to use your uleth email account and include your current mailing address & student ID number.
    • Direct deposit. You can arrange for funds to be deposited into your personal bank account via the Bridge. Under Student’ find ‘Student Account’ and click ‘Direct Deposit’ then enter your banking information. Once this is complete, email the Cash Office ( for a refund of your award. Send the request from your uleth email. For verification purposes, be sure to include your full name, student ID, the last three digits of your bank account number and one course you were registered in last term. Please complete this after the noted disbursement dates in your award notification email.
    • In-person direct deposit. The cash office is now open Mon-Fri 10:00am-3:30pm in Anderson Hall (AH144) for in-person services. If you wish to come to campus and have your award(s) deposited into your bank account, please bring picture ID and your bank card after the noted disbursement dates on your award notification email. 

*Exclusions to split equal payments are: awards that cover tuition and fees, if you are completing degree requirements at the end of December or if the award specifies otherwise. Your award notification email will provide you with all disbursement details.

If you are graduating in December, to receive your full award payment in the Fall term, please refer to your award notification email for directions on how to request. Payment will be issued upon confirmation of submission of a graduation application for Spring convocation. Please visit application for graduation for more information.


New High School or Transfer Students entering the UofL:

  • If you are planning to defer your admission to Spring 2021, please ensure you contact (if you have not done so already) no later than September 15, 2020 to amend your admissions application. When this is completed, your awards will be deferred to Spring 2021 pending enrolment confirmation completed at the end of January. Please note, the University of Lethbridge must be the first post-secondary institution attended. If you are intending to defer your admission to Fall 2021 please email for more information.

Continuing Undergraduate Students:

  • If you are not registered in classes for Fall 2020 but re-enroll in Spring 2021, you may receive your awards, pending enrolment confirmation at the end of January. Please email if you have questions. 
Send your thanks…...

The donor(s) of your award(s) would love to hear from you. You will receive further details on how to show your appreciation via an email to your uleth email account. Stay tuned.

Are scholarships/awards taxable?

Yes, in some cases. In February a T4A information slip for awards paid in the previous calendar year (Jan-Dec) will be available. Please log onto the Bridge, click on ‘Employee’.

Are you NOT attending the uLethbridge?

If you are no longer attending, you MUST cancel your registration prior to the start of the term to avoid being charged for courses! Please let our staff know so that we can re-assign award(s) to other deserving students.


Would you like more information about the award(s) you are receiving?  Please email or call 403-329-2585.

More award guidelines and policies can be found in the UofL Academic Calendar.