High School Awards

Awards offered to high school applicants are based on the uLethbridge admission average. Below, is a limited listing of common uLethbridge high school awards and their required final admission average.

To apply for high school awards listed below, please use the following two links:

  • Bridge – To apply for all high school awards, submit your application no later than March 15. Application opens in January.
  • Grade 11 Merit Application  - To apply for the Gr. 11 Merit Award, submit your application before June 30th in your grade 11 year.

Type of Award

Application Opens

Application Closes



Grade 11 Merit Award

Students admitted to the UofL in Fall 2020:
  • 75-79.9% - $500
  • 80% and higher - $800


June 30


 for Fall 2020 Admission
75-79.9% - $500
80-100% - $800


(link above)

Board of Governors’ Admission Scholarship

  • Applied for admission to uLethbridge
  • Obtain final  admission average of 80% or higher


December 15



Admission Application

High School Awards

Requirements vary by award, may include:

  • Academic achievement
  • Financial need
  • Leadership ability
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Artistic ability
  • Reference letter(s)
  • Essay(s)


March 15

Up to $6,000

March 15th Awards Application

(link above)