Public Health
10081 PUBH 1000 N Introduction to Public Health 09-Jan-12 18-Apr-12 M 18:00-20:50 AH116 Pedersen S
NOTE: Reserved removed.
NOTE: This course will be of interest to students in Psychology, Sociology, Native American Studies, Health Care Management, Nursing, and Addictions Counselling.
NOTE: Please check your program requirements before registering.

10082 PUBH 3000 A Canadian and Global Perspectives 09-Jan-12 18-Apr-12 Tu Th 10:50-12:05 TH173 Lencucha R
PREREQUISITE(S): One of Health Sciences 2700/Sociology 2700, Health Sciences 3002, or one course (3.0 credit hours) in Public Health

10083 PUBH 3420 OL Public Health Ethics Sedgwick M
NOTE: Reserved.
PREREQUISITE(S): Third-year standing (a minimum of 60.0 credit hours)

10084 PUBH 3850 A Global Health Governance 09-Jan-12 18-Apr-12 M 15:00-17:50 AH175 Lencucha R
PREREQUISITE(S): Third-year standing (a minimum of 60.0 credit hours)
10085 PUBH 3850 B Advanced Epidemiology
NOTE: It is recommended that students take PUBH 4850 Biostatistics during the same term.
PREREQUISITE(S): An introductory course in Epidemiology

10086 PUBH 4550 X Practicum in Public Health Yanicki S
Note: Reserved.
NOTE: This is a 15.0 credit hour course.
PREREQUISITE(S): Completion of all course work in the first three years of the B.H.Sc. Public Health program.
SUBSTANTIALLY SIMILAR: Public Health 3050 (prior to 2010/2011); Public Health 4050 (prior to 2010/2011)

10087 PUBH 4850 A Biostatistics 09-Jan-12 18-Apr-12 Th 17:00-19:50 AH175 Awosoga O
10088 PUBH 4850 1 Pubh 4850 Lab 1 09-Jan-12 18-Apr-12 Th 20:00-20:50 AH147 Awosoga O
NOTE: Students must register for the SEC and LAB.
PREREQUISITE(S): One university-level statistics course (3.0 credit hours)