Environmental Science
30745 ENVS 2000 N Fundamentals of Environmental Science 08-Sep-10 01-Dec-10 W 18:00-20:50 TH201 Boon S
NOTE: Reserves removed.
NOTE: Course designation: Science.
PREREQUISITE(S): One 1000-level course (3.0 credit hours) in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, or Physics

30746 ENVS 4000 N Cold Regions and Environmental Change 08-Sep-10 06-Dec-10 M 18:00-20:50 B756 Jiskoot H
08-Dec-10 08-Dec-10 W 18:00-20:50 B756 Jiskoot H
NOTE: Initially reserved.
NOTE: Course designation: Science
PREREQUISITE(S): Three courses (9.0 credit hours) in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geography, or Physics; Third-year standing (a minimum of 60.0 credit hours)