Agricultural Studies
30737 AGST 1000 A The Evolution of Agriculture 08-Sep-10 09-Dec-10 Tu Th 15:05-16:20 C610 Bjornlund H
NOTE: Course designation: Fine Arts and Humanities.

30738 AGST 3300 A Modelling of Agricultural Systems 08-Sep-10 09-Dec-10 Tu Th 08:00-09:15 B730 Le Roy D
NOTE: Partially reserved.
NOTE: Students MUST register for the SEC and the LAB.
NOTE: Students may change the designation of this Science course to a Social Science via the Registrar's Office.
PREREQUISITE(S): Economics 1010; Third-year standing (a minimum of 60.0 credit hours)
30739 AGST 3300 1 Agst 3300 Lab 1 08-Sep-10 09-Dec-10 W 14:00-15:50 E640 Davidson J