20221 ART 3255 Y Visual Commercial Culture 07-May-07 20-Jun-07 F 18:00-20:50 N906 Coman D
07-May-07 20-Jun-07 Sa 09:00-11:50 N906 Coman D
NOTE: See website:
NOTE: Credit is not allowed for this course and NMED 3250.
NOTE: Not counted in the 15-course Arts & Science Art major or the 27 core courses in the BFA (Art).
NOTE: Course designation: Fine Arts and Humanities.
PREREQUISITE(S): Second-year standing (a minimum of 30.0 credit hours) or in the Post-Diploma program
EQUIVALENT: Art 3850 (Visual Commercial Culture) (prior to 2007/2008) is equivalent to the same offering in the Art 3255 Series