11094 MATH 1510 Z Techniques of Calculus 04-Jan-07 16-Apr-07 Sa 08:30-11:20 EC1314 Yahya H
NOTE: Initially reserved.
NOTE: Students MUST register for the SEC and the TUT.
NOTE: MATH 1510 may NOT be counted toward the requirements for a major in Mathematics and is not suitable for students requiring more than one semester of calculus.
NOTE: Course designation: Science.
PREREQUISITE: Mathematics 30 or Pure Mathematics 30, MATH 0500, or Applied Mathematics 30 and at least 75% standing in Athabasca University's Mathematics 101.
11095 MATH 1510 05 Math 1510 Tut 05 (For Z-Edm) 04-Jan-07 16-Apr-07 Sa 11:30-12:20 EC1314 Yahya H