31363 econ 2900 Z Economics and Business Statistics 08-Sep-04 01-Dec-04 W 17:00-19:50 EC1211 Odiobala P
PREREQUISITES: Economics 1010 or 1012, and Statistics 1770.
31364 econ 2900 4 Econ 2900 Lab 4 (For Sec Z-Edmonton) 08-Sep-04 01-Dec-04 W 20:00-20:50 EC1211 Odiobala P
NOTE: Initially reserved.
NOTE: Students MUST register for one SEC and one LAB.
NOTE: Credit is NOT allowed for Economics 2900 and Statistics 2780.
NOTE: Course designation: Science.

31365 econ 3030 Z Managerial Economics 08-Sep-04 09-Dec-04 Th 18:00-20:50 EC1302 Shabany-Ghazvini M
NOTE: Initially reserved.
NOTE: Course designation: Social Science.
PREREQUISITE: Economics 1010.