20108 FREN 1000 B Beginners' French I 02-Jul-03 18-Aug-03 M W F 13:00-13:50 W514 Moulaison G
02-Jul-03 18-Aug-03 M W F 15:00-16:10 W514 Moulaison G
20109 FREN 1000 1 Fren 1000 Lab 1 02-Jul-03 18-Aug-03 M W F 14:00-14:50 W518 Moulaison G
NOTE: All students MUST register for the SEC and the LAB.
NOTE: For students with little or no knowledge of French. The mandatory placement test will take place during the first class meeting, Wednesday, July 2, 2003. All students must participate.
NOTE: May not be taken for credit by students with French 30, 30S, 30N, 31A, 31B, 31C or equivalent.
NOTE: Course designation: Humanities.