20250 MMED 4500 A Prof.Cert in Multimedia Tech: Module I 07-May-01 20-Jun-01 MTuWThF 09:00-12:00 B772 Beath J
07-May-01 20-Jun-01 MTuWThF 13:00-16:30 B772 Beath J
NOTE: Special dates: May 1 - June 25.
NOTE: Students must be admitted to the program before they can register and must be committed to taking both Module I and II during this semester.
NOTE: For more information about this program, please contact the Faculty of Fine Arts Advising Office in W814 or phone 403-329-2691.
PREREQUISITE: Admissibility to the Professional Certificate in Multimedia Technology Program.

20251 MMED 4600 A Prof.Cert. in Multimedia Tech: Module II 03-Jul-01 15-Aug-01 MTuWThF 09:00-12:00 AH149 Beath J
03-Jul-01 15-Aug-01 MTuWThF 13:00-16:30 AH149 Beath J
NOTE: Special dates: July 3 - August 27.
PREREQUISITE: Multimedia 4500.