Agricultural Studies
30530 AGST 1000 A The Evolution of Agriculture 08-Sep-99 09-Dec-99 Tu Th 09:25-10:40 D634 Walburger A
NOTE: Partially reserved.
NOTE: Course designation: Humanities.

30531 AGST 2000 A Agricultural Systems Modelling I 08-Sep-99 09-Dec-99 M W F 09:00-09:50 B716 Le Roy D
PREREQUISITE: Agricultural Studies 1000.
30532 AGST 2000 1 Ag. Studies 2000 Lab 1 08-Sep-99 09-Dec-99 Th 16:30-18:20 E630 Davidson J
NOTE: Initially reserved.
NOTE: All students MUST register for the SEC and the LAB.
NOTE: Course designation: Science.