In the event that you need to withdraw from one or more of your courses following the extended drop deadline, visit the Registrar’s Office or your campus office to complete a Course Withdrawal Form for each course you want to withdraw.

You will be assessed full fees for the courses in which you were registered. The deadlines for withdrawal are found in the Academic Calendar. Keep in mind that if you withdraw from a course, you will receive an ‘W’ on your transcript.

Withdrawal with Cause

Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances beyond a student’s control that make continuation in a course impossible. The student may be granted a ‘Withdrawal with Cause’ and will be asked to provide evidence that the conditions that led to the withdrawal have been identified and addressed. Financial penalties are the same for both a Withdrawl and Withdrawl with Cause.

Did You Know? Both a Withdrawal and Withdrawal with Cause will be recorded on a student’s transcript. However; if a student takes the course over again to achieve a grade both attempts will show on your transcript (the W and the latest grade).


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