Waitlists for specific courses may be created due to circumstances across different Faculties/Schools. To avoid waitlisting as best as you can, apply as soon as you can for the best chance of the classes you want. Some Faculties/Schools have specific rules for waitlists; see below for details.

Faculty of Arts and Science Waitlists

The Faculty of Arts and Science will accept waitlist applications for continuing students who are unable to access required Arts and Science courses during their assigned registration dates and times. Waitlists will be compiled as indicated in the Important Dates and Deadlines. Requests for waitlisting can be made online. Visit the Arts and Science Student Program Services Office (M2102) and on the uLethbridge Notice Board to find out how to access the form.

Waitlisting is not on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is based on need, not on when your name was put on the waitlist. You will only be considered for waitlisting if you require a course to meet the minimum requirements for your declared major. Students enrolled in Technical Studies Semesters or Professional Semesters (Faculty of Education) should contact the Arts and Science Student Program Services Office.

Email | artsci.advising@uleth.ca
Phone | 403-329-5106

Please note the following requirements for Arts and Science waitlisting:

  • The student must have the prerequisite for the course (or he/she must bring a signed Prerequisite Waiver form to the Arts and Science Program Services Office in M2102 before they submit their request)
  • Students are expected to have tried to register in the course
  • Students will be expected to continue to try to register in the desired course after being waitlisted
  • The course must fit the student’s schedule or they must give Arts and Science permission to drop them from a course to accommodate the waitlisted course

You will NOT be waitlisted:

  • If you missed your initial registration time period*
  • For courses in excess of the minimum required to complete your major
  • For electives
  • For minors**
  • For senior-level requirements outside your major
  • For Liberal Education List Requirement courses
  • For course preference***

* Students who missed their initial registration time period because of extenuating circumstances beyond their control may appeal by contacting the Arts and Science advising office.

** Native Education Majors should check with an academic advisor.

*** If another course is available which will fulfill your requirements, you should register in that course.

Note: Students in other Faculties may be waitlisted for Arts and Science courses specifically required in their majors/ programs.

Faculty of Fine Arts Waitlists

Waitlists for continuing students will be compiled as indicated in the Important Dates and Deadlines. The Faculty of Fine Arts accepts waitlist requests for continuing students during the same period as the Faculty of Arts and Science and follows similar procedures. You must make your request in person at the Fine Arts Academic Advising Office (W660) during the waitlist period.

Students newly admitted to uLethbridge may make wait list requests at any time during their registration period.

The Faculty of Fine Arts will waitlist in the following order of priority:

  1. Students requiring courses in the declared major, or
  2. Students in Faculty of Fine Arts programs seeking access to a fine arts course outside the declared major

If there are extenuating circumstances beyond your control that prevent you from registering in your initial registration window, or that prevent you from making a waitlist request, you may appeal to the Assistant Dean by contacting an academic advisor.

Dhillon School of Business Waitlists

Continuing students at the Lethbridge campus must complete a waitlist application in-person up until the deadline as indicated in the Important Dates and Deadlines. The Calgary campus creates waitlists under exceptional circumstances. Please contact an academic advisor to learn whether a waitlist exists for the course that you want to take.

You will NOT be waitlisted if:

  • you lost your registration due to the non-payment of fees
  • there is room in another section of the course you wish to take
  • it is a course for a second major

You will be eligible for waitlisting if you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • you have completed your initial registration
  • this is your last term and the course is a program requirement OR you are in your second last term and the course is a prerequisite for other required courses you will take in your last term
  • you have the required prerequisite(s) or have registered for all co-requisite(s)
  • you do not exceed the registration limit of five courses
  • there are no time conflicts with the other courses you are taking


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