International Management Minor

General Requirements

Students must complete at least four courses (12.0 credit hours), including at least one course (3.0 credit hours) at the 3000/4000 level.Students may not double count courses required for the minor in fulfilling requirements for their major or second minor. The four courses comprising the minor must be distinct from any such major or second minor requirements.For students who complete the required courses, the minor will be acknowledged on the official transcript.Minors are available in the Bachelor of Management degree, Post-Diploma Bachelor of Management degree, Professional Diploma in Accounting, Management Certificate and second degrees in Management.

See also the International Management Minor Program Planning Guide .

  Why Complete an International Management Minor?

How can you experience other cultures while advancing your education? Learn about international issues first-hand? Take advantage of the minor in international management and become a true global learner. By choosing the International Management minor and going on a semester exchange, you will broaden your horizons, expand your global network, and gain a competitive advantage. You may have a hard time deciding which destination to choose as we have 29 exchange locations in 22 different countries. Our exchange programs are open to all UofL students regardless of campus, major, or second language ability as many of our partner schools offer courses in English. So choose the international management minor and go global.

  Courses Required in the International Management Minor

The four courses required for the minor in International Management include:

Required Course: One of:

Management 3650 - Introduction to International Management

Management 3070 - Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Management 3460 - Global Financial Management

Management 3552 - Sustainable Tourism

Management 3640 - Cross-Cultural Management Practices

Management 3660/Geography 3225 - Industrial Location and Globalization of Enterprise

Management 3670/Political Science 3170 - The Politics of Canadian Trade Policy

Management 3685 - Issues in International Management (Series)

Management 3815 - Regional Aspects of International Management (Series)

Management 3860 - Law and Institutions of International Trade

Management 4220 - Cross-Cultural Marketing

Management 4580 - Environmental Management

1 Management 4640 - Cross-Cultural Work Study

1 If students choose Management 4640 - Cross-Cultural Work Study as their required International Management minor course, they cannot use it toward their exchange requirement. International Exchange Semester

Participation in an international exchange semester is required. Students complete one required course at the U of L and then complete the equivalent of three courses while on exchange at a partner school. Students have the option to take two summer exchanges in two different countries, or one summer exchange and Management 4640 - Cross-Cultural Work Study if they cannot participate in a full-semester exchange. Where possible, courses completed while on exchange will have international content; where international content is not possible, courses should reflect the unique cultural aspects of the host country or region.

  • At least two courses must be Management courses
  • One course may be a language or culture course

Note: Students should be aware that some of the above courses have prerequisites which may require taking courses extra to their degrees. Check with an Academic Advisor for more information.

Note: Minors are linked to your calendar year and some minors may not be available for previous calendar years. Your calendar year will be the year of your most recent admission to the University of Lethbridge. Contact an Academic Advisor for more information (see Academic Advising).