First Nations’ Governance Minor

The five courses required for the minor in First Nations' Governance include:

Required Courses:

Native American Studies 1000 - Introduction to Native American Studies

Native American Studies 2300 - North American Indian Art History and Theory

Three of the following:

Native American Studies 2100 - Aboriginal Peoples and Law

Management 3500/Native American Studies 3250 - Financial Management in Aboriginal Communities

1 Management 3506/Native American Studies 3506 - Aboriginal Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Canada

Management 3590/Native American Studies 3590 - Current Practices in Aboriginal Governments

1 Management 4507/Native American Studies 4120 - Historical and Legal Aspects of First Nations’ Governments

1 Management 4508/Native American Studies 4150 - Administrative Aspects of First Nations’ Governments

1 Students should be aware that many of the courses have a number of prerequisites which will require taking courses extra to their minimum degree requirements. Students are strongly advised to discuss their programs with an Academic Advisor early in their programs. Note: Minors are linked to your calendar year and some minors may not be available for previous calendar years. Your calendar year will be the year of your most recent admission to the University of Lethbridge. Contact an Academic Advisor for more information (see Academic Advising).