Mathematics Requirements at the University of Lethbridge


Applicants may be admitted to the University of Lethbridge without any Mathematics courses—except to the Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Nursing, or Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health major) programs. Applicants require English Language Arts 30-1, three academic subjects and a fifth subject (not Special Projects).

Mathematics Prerequisites by Program

Some University of Lethbridge programs DO include courses which require Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2 as prerequisites. See Programs that DO Require Mathematics After Admission.

Students applying to the University of Lethbridge from other Canadian Provinces are referred to Other Canadian Provinces High School Requirements.

Calculating the Admission Average

The University of Lethbridge calculates the final admission average using five Grade 12 course grades: English Language Arts 30-1, three other ‘academic’ subjects, and a fifth subject (not Special Projects). For all but English Language Arts 30-1, the highest grades are chosen where possible, to benefit the applicant.

Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2

Those who want to apply for admission to a program which will require mathematics after admission are encouraged to take Mathematics 30-1. If the grade in Mathematics 30-1 is not among the highest grades, it WILL NOT affect the applicant's admission average.

Mathematics 30-2

Mathematics 30-2 may be used as an Academic course for admission to all University of Lethbridge programs except for the Accounting, Economics, and Finance majors in the Bachelor of Management program, which require Mathematics 30-1. Note that Mathematics 30-2 is not a course prerequisite substitute for Mathematics 30-1.

Mathematics 31

Mathematics 31 is accepted as a distinct (separate) academic subject for admission purposes. A student can present both Mathematics 31 and one of Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2.

Alternative to Mathematics 30-1

Instead of Mathematics 30-1 students may use UofL’s Mathematics 0500 to meet prerequisite requirements.