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Fall 2020 Update: FAQ for Students

Yes, students can do that. Offering courses online is one way the University of Lethbridge is making sure that you can continue your education, without interruption due to the pandemic.

The University consulted public health officials and the public health guidelines before making this decision and will continue to consult them throughout the pandemic. The health and safety of students, staff, and faculty is the University’s top priority.

The decision is final. This will allow students to make plans for the upcoming term, and give instructors time to build an engaging and robust online experience for students. 

You can record audio or video of lectures providing prior approval has been given by your instructor or the performer. Even with permission, the recording can only be used for personal study and may not be duplicated. Please consult the Academic Calendar for more information.


Decisions about changes to these fees is still under consideration and information will be provided when it is available.

The University of Lethbridge will provide students with a robust, quality educational experience for the Fall 2020 term that will include primarily online and some face-to-face learning. Online classes are not less expensive to offer. Students will also be provided with a full range of student services, such as registration, mental health, health clinic, accommodated learning, access to co-op and career services, tutoring, and more. There will also be virtual sessions to support student success with online learning. The University is not planning to reduce tuition fees.


It was essential the University made its decision in May so that it could direct its efforts and resources toward creating the best student experience possible. Faculty members are now afforded more time to fully prepare for online delivery than was possible toward the end of spring term, and the University is providing enhanced training and acquiring new technology to aid these preparations. The University will provide its students with a robust, quality educational experience for the Fall 2020 term.


We are planning to offer some face-to-face experiential learning activities, such as studios, certain labs, clinical placements, and education practicums, this fall. Some labs will be held in-person and some have been redesigned to be offered remotely. Preliminary information about which programs will be held online will be provided to students by June 15. Students involved in experiential learning courses will be expected to be in Lethbridge but can choose to take these courses in a future term if moving to Lethbridge is not possible.

Information about which experiential courses will be held in-person will be made available to students by June 15.

The safety of students, faculty and staff has been and will continue to be the University’s top priority. We must ensure that we maintain a safe environment consistent with Alberta’s public safety guidelines and are in line with public health directives. The welfare of our students, faculty and staff as they learn, teach and work is of the utmost importance. To that end, we must limit the number of people on campus. We will also have many students who cannot return to campus this fall (for example, international students who are not able to travel to Canada at this time.  However, the University is planning some face-to-face academic experiences this fall. These will be experiential activities (e.g. certain labs, studios, clinical placements, education practicums).  

Yes. The Faculty of Education has made plans for practicums to happen this fall, whether K-12 is offered in-person or online, subject to public health guidelines. Please contact the Faculty directly for more information.

The Faculties will determine which classes, if any, need to be cancelled. You will not need to register again, unless you’d like to adjust your courses. Information about which experiential education courses will be offered in-person will be provided on June 15th. 


Yes. Undergraduate students can defer their offers of admission for up to a year. Once you have accepted your admission for the Fall 2020 term (and paid your deposit), email and indicate you would like to defer your admission. Admissions will then move your start to Spring 2021, as well as your non-refundable tuition deposit.

Please note that certain programs are not eligible for a deferral, such as our competitive programs. Also, some programs are only available in the fall term so your deferral would be processed for the Fall 2021 term. Please send your questions and request to


While we are considering changes to policy and practice, a decision about using credit/non-credit in Fall 2020 has not be made yet. We will post an update here when it is available.


Yes. Please email the Housing Office directly at to let them know you would like to keep your reserved spot.

No. If you do not wish to move into residence for the fall term, you will be provided a full refund, but we are unable to reserve your placement.  Contact Housing directly at for further information.

Yes. New applications will be accepted for the fall term. There will be FAQs posted on the Housing website on Friday, May 22. Please contact if you have any questions.