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Fall 2020 Update: FAQ for Students

Student Town Halls



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You can sign up for our FREE Textbook Reservation service before August 4, 2020. Pick-up service and shipping are available.

If you don’t know your course list, it is not a problem. We will pull your updated course list in the first week of August. All you need to do is rate your preferred format (new, used, rental, digital, etc.), and we will pull your course materials in priority order based on choice and availability.

Reservations will be pulled BEFORE we open up our online store for Fall 2020, so register now for best chances of securing your preferred format. Textbook reservations are fully refundable due to course changes or other extenuating circumstances. Refund deadlines information will be provided with your order. Once you sign up for this service, we will begin sending communications via e-mail with pertinent information.

Please check your e-mails often in case we have questions regarding your reservation. We are here for you and are available via email if you have any questions or concerns as well.

Experiential Learning

Some will be delivered in person and others will delivered using alternative formats. A few will be postponed to a subsequent term.  The list of in-person and cancelled classses is available here.

The safety of students, faculty and staff has been and will continue to be the University’s top priority. We must ensure that we maintain a safe environment consistent with Alberta’s public safety guidelines and are in line with public health directives. The welfare of our students, faculty and staff as they learn, teach and work is of the utmost importance. To that end, we must limit the number of people on campus. We will also have many students who cannot return to campus this fall (for example, international students who are not able to travel to Canada at this time.  However, the University is planning some face-to-face academic experiences this fall. These will be experiential activities (e.g. certain labs, studios, clinical placements, education practicums).

The Faculty of Education has made plans for practicums to happen this fall, whether K-12 is offered in-person or online, subject to public health guidelines. Please contact the Faculty directly for more information.

Information about which experiential courses are being held in-person is available here. An email with this information was sent to all student on June 15.

The Early Start Experience may be ideal for you! It start August 24 and ends September 4. The Early Start Experience (ESE) is designed to promote student success and to ease the transition from high school to university.  It is open to first-year students in all bachelor’s degree programs. Please note that the 2020 offering of the ESE will now be entirely online.

Students will:

  • Get a full course credit for a special enhanced version of LBED 1500, The First Year Experience: Mapping our Communities.
  • Build social networks with a diverse group of incoming students.
  • Develop the skills & resources needed to be successful in university.
  • Be able to move in early to residence or new housing.

Learn more:
Contact: Dr. Shelly Wismath | Dean, School of Liberal Education | Email: | Phone: 403-329-2529

Facilities and Parking

Anderson Hall is open until Wednesday, August 26 to provide access for students who need Wi-Fi, IT equipment and resources, software and the Library. The available rooms include a computer lab (AH147), a study room (AH116) and an equipment room (AH175) to sign out and return laptops on loan.

Starting on Monday, June 22, operating hours at Anderson Hall will be Monday to Friday from 12 to 4:30 p.m.

No. Campus Mobility is not monitoring parking lots over the summer, but we ask that those using parking lots on campus respect disability stalls, fire lanes, loading zones and reserved stalls designations.

Housing Fall 2020

Yes, residence will be open at a reduced occupancy for Fall 2020, subject to directives from Government Public Health Officials. New applications will be accepted for the fall term; apply online. Please contact if you have any questions.

Yes. Please email the Housing Office directly at to let them know you would like to keep your reserved spot.

Full refunds will be granted if cancelled on or before Monday, July 6, 2020 at 4 PM.

Please contact Housing Services at so that we can process your refund. Please complete your Direct Deposit information on your Bridge account.

Please contact Housing Services at so that we can remove you from the 2020-2021 waitlist. Please be advised that you have the option to transfer your housing application to the January/Spring semester waitlist.

Housing Services will provide you with a housing deposit refund for the fall and will place you on the waitlist as a top priority for a possible offer of accommodation for January 2021, subject to directives from Public Health officials.

Please contact Housing Services at after June 15th, once the preliminary course delivery method has been announced, and we can add you to the priority list for housing accommodations. Please note that this is all subject to directives from Government Public Health Officials.

At this time, the plan is for a reduced residence capacity. There has been no directive regarding the specific residence facilities or capacity plans at this time. We are monitoring government directives daily while adhering to safety guidelines provided.

At this time, Housing Services has set aside units for self-isolation purposes. If you are traveling or may need to isolate upon arrival, please contact Housing Services at

Please contact Housing Services at to indicate that you would like to remain on the waitlist for a potential offer of accommodation, subject to directives from Government Public Health Officials. We thank you for your patience during this challenging time.

No. If you do not wish to move into residence for the fall term, you will be provided a full refund, but we are unable to reserve your placement.  Contact Housing directly at for further information.

Residence programming will focus primarily on online and limited outdoor gatherings with activities such as Netflix parties and video chats; Student staff will focus on building community through virtual means. While we strive to create a valuable community experience, please be aware that guests will not be permitted in residence, common spaces including licensed spaces will be closed (as directed by public health officials), residence students will not have access to other residence facilities, and residence will be operating at a reduced capacity.

All residence students and other community members will be required to wear masks in common hallways. Enhanced cleaning measures will ensure high touch points are frequently disinfected. Guests will not be permitted in residence, common spaces including licensed spaces will be closed (as directed by public health officials), residence students will not have access to other residence facilities, and residence will be operating at a reduced capacity.

The Housing Services office will be open to serve students on weekdays. Outside of business hours, student staff are well trained to support students and well versed in campus resources. They can be reached via telephone when the Housing Services’ office is closed.

International Students

The International Centre has created a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions from new international students. If you have any questions that aren’t answered there, you can reach out to them during their Weekly Question & Answer Zoom Session every Wednesday at 9 a.m. MDT, or by sending them an email.

The list of frequently asked questions and contact information can be found here.

The International Centre has created a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to address the most important issues affecting continuing international students, where you’ll also learn about the many ways you can get in touch with your International Student Advisors.  Find the information here!

Online Learning

The University consulted public health officials and the public health guidelines before making this decision and will continue to consult them throughout the pandemic. The health and safety of students, staff, and faculty is the University’s top priority.

The decision is final. This will allow students to make plans for the upcoming term, and give instructors time to build an engaging and robust online experience for students.

It was essential the University made its decision in May so that it could direct its efforts and resources toward creating the best student experience possible. Faculty members are now afforded more time to fully prepare for online delivery than was possible toward the end of spring term, and the University is providing enhanced training and acquiring new technology to aid these preparations. The University will provide its students with a robust, quality educational experience for the Fall 2020 term.

While we are considering changes to policy and practice, a decision about using credit/non-credit in Fall 2020 has not be made yet. We will post an update here when it is available.

You can record audio or video of lectures providing prior approval has been given by your instructor or the performer. Even with permission, the recording can only be used for personal study and may not be duplicated. Please consult the Academic Calendar for more information.

Yes! You can find resources at We will also be offerings a series of online workshops to prepare you for studies this fall. Learn more:

As a student, you have a responsibility to conduct yourself with academic integrity. This means being honest in your work and responsibility in acknowledging the work of others. uLethbridge values the academic integrity of our staff and students and take academic offences seriously.

Academic offences include cheating, duplication, plagiarism, distributing or receiving confidential academic materials, and misrepresentation. You can learn more about academic integrity as well as helpful resources at Click on Academic Integrity in the drop-down.

The experience this fall will be far more robust and interactive than what you may have experienced in the spring term. Your professors and instructors have been working hard to reimagine their courses this fall. We are creating videos featuring instructors from across campus to give you a better picture of how your online learning may look. Visit the Teaching Centre website.

Registering for Courses

Yes, students can do that. Offering courses online is one way the University of Lethbridge is making sure that you can continue your education, without interruption due to the pandemic.

The Faculties will determine which classes, if any, need to be cancelled. For the list of cancelled courses, visit: 
If your course has not been cancelled, you will not need to register again, unless you’d like to adjust your courses. 

Yes. Undergraduate students can defer their offers of admission. Once you have accepted your admission for the Fall 2020 term (and paid your deposit), email and indicate you would like to defer your admission. Admissions will then move your start to Spring 2021, as well as your non-refundable tuition deposit.

Please note that certain programs are not eligible for a deferral, such as our competitive programs. Also, some programs are only available in the fall term so your deferral would be processed for the Fall 2021 term. Please send your questions and request to

Yes, a few courses will be offered in person. Also, a small number will be postponed to a subsequent term.

Tuition and Student Fees

Decisions about changes to these fees is still under consideration and information will be provided when it is available.

The University of Lethbridge will provide students with a robust, quality educational experience for the Fall 2020 term that will include primarily online and some face-to-face learning. Online classes are not less expensive to offer. Students will also be provided with a full range of student services, such as registration, mental health, health clinic, accommodated learning, access to co-op and career services, tutoring, and more. There will also be virtual sessions to support student success with online learning. The University is not planning to reduce tuition fees.