Supporting Academic Capabilities

  • Accommodations are
    • A method for ensuring that persons with disabilities have equal access to post-secondary education
    • About making adjustments and alternative arrangements to ensure that the educational environment does not have a discriminatory effect on the student

Note: Collaboration between the Accommodated Learning Centre and faculty is an important part of the accommodation process

Academic Standards

  • The requirement of accommodation does not demand the sacrificing of academic standards [pdf]
    • There are often several alternatives that can accommodate differences in order to provide equality of access to university services and facilities
  • Where an academic standard is imposed but challenged by a student with a disability, the university must provide objective evidence that the standard is reasonable. See Legislation


  • Accomodations do NOT
    • Require post-secondary institutions to lower academic or non-academic standards to accommodate students with disabilities
    • Relieve students of the responsibility to develop the essential skills and competencies expected of all students  


  • Students must inform the Accommodated Learning Centre
    • When accommodations are not working or need to be modified
    • When there has been a change to your condition