University Booking Contact Information

Classrooms, Meeting Rooms and Facilities

Space/Room/Facility Phone Website/Email
AH100 (Andy's place) 403-329-2727
Atrium (Markin Hall) 403-329-2727
Atrium (University Centre for the Arts) 403-329-2727
CASA 403-327-2272 CASA Lethbridge
Classrooms 403-329-2727
Coutts Centre 403-915-6497 Coutts Centre Events
Patterson Centre (PC130 Gathering Space) 403-394-3902
Penny Building (Board Rooms) 403-332-4320
Penny Gallery 403-329-2656 Office: W510
Drama Room Booking
Sport & Recreation Facilities 403-329-2658 Sport & Recreation
Student' Union Rooms and Tables 403-329-2222 Students' Union
Student' Union Ballrooms and other SU spaces 403-329-2017
Students' Union
Theatre Bookings 403-329-2656 Office: W510
Drama Room Booking

Services Phone Website/Email
Alcohol Services
Campus Safety, Insurance & Risk
Campus Safety, Insurance & Risk
Aramark Catering
Approved Caterer
403-329-2491 CampusDish
Audio Visual
University Advancement Communications
Campus Hotel
Conference Services
403-329-2244 Conference & Event Services
Country Kitchen Catering
Approved Caterer
403-328-7756 Country Kitchen Catering
Information Technology 403-329-5600 Information Technology
Insurance & Liability
Campus Safety, Insurance & Risk
IT Requirements
Information Technology Services
403-328-2490 Information Technology
LA Chefs Catering
Approved Caterer
403-320-7702 LA Chefs Catering
Parking Permits & Signage
Security Services
403-329-2603 Telephone
Room Set Up Tables/Chairs
403-329-2602 ServiceDesk
Special Electrical Needs
403-329-2600 ServiceDesk