Alberta Chambers of Commerce

To assist individuals in expanding their business potential

Calgary Economic Development

Provide new leadership and a new direction for the Calgary Region's economic development activities

Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council

Aims to assist the trucking industry to recruit, train and retain people

Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada

Identifying and addressing human resources issues within the motor carrier passenger industry

Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council

Learn about the challenges faced by supply chains and how the organization develops solutions

Air Canada

One of Canada's popular airlines

Canadian National Railway

A freight railroad, provides seamless transportation and intermodal service throughout North America

Canadian Pacific Railway

Connects the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts with the heart of North America

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

A nationally known car rental company

H & R Transport

One of North America's largest temperature controlled truck load transportation Company


One of Canada's national low fare air carrier

Yanke Group of Companies (SK)

Carry out business with integrity in all of the practices, such as environmental management and customer accountability.

ECL Transportation Services

Supplier of fluids and chemicals, offering also transportation, chemical hauling and storage facilities as well as environmental technologies