Tips for Success

TIPS FOR SUCCESS IN OCR!! The next steps require time and commitment to the Job Search. Try to work it into your daily schedule to stay on top of postings and deadlines. Ultimately, you are responsible for your search and your ability to stay organized will be key to your success.

1. Watch the CES Job Board regularly…

Check out all the postings as some employers post directly to our site.

READ the postings carefully to determine the correct application process as they can vary from posting to posting. Some are direct applies, others require you to submit applications through our office. Application deadlines will be late in September and interviews on campus will begin in October.

If you are searching for FULL TIME Positions beginning in May, search for "New Grad Opportunities" on the CES Job Board

Summer Positions can be found by searching for "Summer"

2. BE SURE your applications are complete

The posting will also outline what is required in your application package (e.g. resume, cover letter, transcripts)..

YOU are responsible for submitting everything required by the employer. Tailor your cover letter for each position, make sure your letters and application forms are signed.

3. Don't miss the DEADLINES!!

YOU can't compete if you don't get your applications in on time! Read the posting carefully for the correct application. Late submissions will generally NOT be accepted.

4. Where do I submit my application?

EACH posting will tell you where to submit your application. Be sure to follow the employer’s instructions. They may ask you to email your applications directly to them or apply online through their website. In a few cases they may ask you to submit through our office. In that case CES woll forward the applications to the employer for pre-screening

5. Interviews

If you are shortlisted you will be contacted either by the employer or by CES. If CES is setting the interview schedule we will email you to come in or call us to schedule a time. If you are not in Lethbridge we will do what we can to make arrangements with the employer to have you interviewed in Calgary or Edmonton.

OCR postings are only a small number of the opportunities that actually exist for new grads. We encourage you to be proactive by extending your job search far beyond those employers who come to campus.

Take control of your work search, be proactive and get the competitive edge!!