General Information

A list of biology careers and jobs

Alberta society of Prof. Biologists

Promotion of practice of biology

National Research Council

An organization for research and development

Biotalent Canada

(Formerly the Biotechnology HR Council)

A source for human resource information and biotechnology skills development

Agat Laboratories

A Canadian company that provides a wide array of services related to soil, air, water, and environmental analysis and monitoring

BD Biosciences

A medical technology company that manufactures medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products

BioAxone Therapeutic

A neuroscience company specializing in the development and commercialization of proprietary technologies

Eli Lilly Canada Inc.

Deliver innovative pharmaceutical-based health care solutions

Genome Canada

Develop and implement a national strategy for supporting large-scale genomics and proteomics research projects, for the benefit of all Canadians.

Genome Quebec

Providing a professional environment which is stimulating and enriching

IND Diagnostics

A Canadian biotechnology company specializing in research, development and manufacturing of advanced in-vitro diagnostic test systems

Lab Support Canada

Places professionals in microbiologist, food scientist, biochemist, research associate, quality assurance, pharmaceutical careers, biotech and laboratory

Northern Lipids

A contract biotechnology development and research company

Nova Chemicals Corp.

Produces plastics and chemicals that are essential to everyday life

Soil Foodweb Canada Ltd.

Dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of soil quality and the biological capacity for sustainable agriculture across Canada

Viventia Biotech Inc.

Involving validation, compliance, and calibration services, delivering in-depth consulting and more

Poison & Drug Information Services

Has expertise and advice on the health effects of poisons, chemicals, medications, herbal preparations.

The Medicine Shoppe

Focuses on prescriptions, medication management, health-related products and a variety of programs and services

Society for Neuroscience

Where students can read about neuroscience (meetings, memberships, publications and more)

Neuroscience Jobs (member site)

Job bank for neuroscience