Ready Your Resume & Cover Letter

Your resume and cover letter are important marketing documents to aid in your job search.  The best documents are targeted, meaning that you've written them to directly explain why you're the right person for a specific job with a specific company/organization.  Targeted resumes and cover letters are much more effective than generic documents. 

Learn more about each document:
Targeted Resume Writing
Targeted Cover Letters

Tips for submitting your documents electronically:

  • Create one pdf document with all of your documents in order: cover letter, then resume, then references (if not included in the resume), then any supplemental documents the employer asks for (e.g. transcripts, testing scores, letters of reference)
  • Name the pdf with your name and the name of the position you're applying for (or you can use the job #, reference #, or competition # if there is one)
  • When applying by email, send the person indicated in the job posting a brief, friendly, and professional email stating the name of the position you're applying for and explaining that your resume and cover letter are attached
  • Follow all instructions carefully: submit by the deadline indicated on the posting, include all requested information, and follow whatever guildelines the employer asks for in terms of where, how, and to whom to send your documents

*Note:  Samples and suggestions we provide are meant to be points of learning for further consideration, with examples being a starting point for your own original ideas and formatting.  DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!  Claiming others’ words/phrasing as your own is considered inappropriate in the work world and is a very serious matter to employers, putting into question your professional/personal ethics, honesty, and integrity.