Post-Secondary Recruitment

2015 Post-Secondary Recruitment campaign runs from September 16 to October 6, 2015

If you have questions, please email

The Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) campaign is designed to hire university and college graduates into a range of entry-level officer jobs within the federal government.

Candidates can be graduates or students expecting to graduate in the spring of 2016.

Apply directly to a specific job opportunity or apply to be part of unique career stream inventories. These inventories will be established at the close of the campaign and will be made available to all departments and agencies across the public service who can access them for their job openings. Find the full APPLICATION PROCESS here

September - October: Applying

  • Follow the necessary steps to create My account if you don't have one.
    • You should have one account that you can update at any time, apply for jobs, receive test scores, and stay up-to-date on the jobs for which you have been referred; and
  • When you log into your account, the system will display an applicant number (e.g., C012345) at the top right-hand corner of each screen. Be sure to record this number because you will need it as you apply for jobs.
  • Explore the positions being offered as part of the PSR program.
  • Apply to those positions that interest you and for which you qualify. If you do not meet the educational requirements, the system will issue a warning and you will not be able to proceed with your application for that specific position.

November: Testing

All testing requirements will be clearly indicated on the job advertisement. You may have to take an on-line test immediately or register for an in-person test. If you are invited to take an in-person test, be sure that on the day of testing you bring:

    • Your applicant number (starts with either an "S" ,"T" or a "C" and can be found in the top right-hand corner of your My account screen); and
    • Photo identification that includes your signature.

Once the testing phase has been completed, test results will be available to you via your My account. It may take up to six weeks from the date of testing to receive your results.

All applicants are evaluated against the requirements listed on the job advertisement, including test scores, where applicable.

January and onward: Referrals and hiring

Referrals to hiring organizations begin and continue throughout the year. Your status in any job process will be communicated to you via a note to your account. Should you be referred, hiring organizations will then conduct any additional assessment they require, such as interviews, reference checks, or additional testing, and will communicate directly with you during this time.