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One way to locate job leads is to look for positions publically advertised online.  The CES Job Board is available to all students and graduates, you can find a list of various other job boards in our Resources section, and you should of course keep your eye on the websites of the companies/organizations you're interested in working for.  However, while online job postings can be a useful resource for your job search, there are many other ways to find work opportunities.  Don't rely on only one strategy.  Up to 80% of jobs are found through personally connecting with people, so don't neglect the importance of networking!

One of the best ways to secure work is by participating in on-campus recruitment (OCR).  Employers love connecting with you in person so they can learn more about you and tell you more about themselves.  Starting in September, a number of employers begin recruiting students to work in co-op, summer, and full-time positions beginning the following spring.  We’re here to help you navigate and prepare for this process.  The On Campus Recruitment Guide will provide you with concrete steps you can take to get ready, build your confidence, and give you ideas to help make you a more competitive candidate for the positions you want.  If you are an Accounting student, it is especially important to participate in OCR.  You can find more information on Accounting recruitment hereStudents and alumni can also sign up for our Contact List to learn more about opportunities in their field and employers who are coming to campus.

Federal and provincial governments also offer a variety of programs to help students and new graduates launch their careers.  See Government Recruitment Programs for more information.


You will receive an email confirmation of your registration, if you do not, please email ces.students@uleth.ca to ensure you are on the list.

Accounting Majors should check out the Accounting Recruitment Process as well as follow these guidlines.

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