Job Search

JOB SEARCH is an 'ongoing & persistent' process that is instrumental in:

  • LOCATING desired employment, work experience, & volunteer opportunities
  • BUILDING CONFIDENCE, both personal & professional, through hands on efforts & involvment in what can be a time-consuming process
  • REFINING SKILLS like personal networking, job interviews & professional communication through the process
  • DEMONSTRATING CHARACTER & WORK ETHIC through being positive, resourceful and persistent in your attitude and activities over time


MYTH: Getting a University degree guarantees me a job - FALSE

  • FACT: A degree is only part of the qualifications employers look for when hiring. A mix of education, related hands-on experience and team/personal interaction skills are required to be selected for the job – so start building your related experience & confidence today!

MYTH: I'll can find a good career related job in the first few weeks after graduating - FALSE

  • FACT: It usually takes 6-8 months to find a job that is meaningful and education related – so use that time to get prepared with a great resume, proactive job search efforts, strong interview skills, developing a career portfolio & personal contact/business cards, and have a plan to support yourself financially during that transition time.

MYTH:With some experience and a good resume, I’ll have no problem getting hired - FALSE

  • FACT: The resume only gets you an interview…it is the INTERVIEW that will get you the job! So make sure to have a targeted & relevant resume for the job in question & prepare to communicate your relevant strengths & experience using specific examples to employers in face-to-face interview conversations!

MYTH:I expect to earn a salary of $70,000 or over, right out of University - FALSE

  • FACT: Be realistic - Salary amounts rise with years of experience on the job. Your parents/other adults have worked many years before earning a salary at that level…and so will you. Employers expect years of dedicated service BEFORE they will pay you large salary amounts. University grads without experience can expect entry level positions of approx. $35 – 45,000/yr salary, depending on the industry/employer type/size/location. Further information is available under 'salary surveys' on the ALIS Website:

See WORKSHOPS for information & handouts on job search workshops provided by CES staff and to sign up to attend. Handouts are also available upon request from the CES office.

Workshops cover the 'how to' in the following topic areas:

  • Targeted Resume & Cover Letter Writing...developing documents that work
  • Pro-active Job Search Strategies...learn how to find jobs before they're advertised
  • Networking to interact and have positive conversations with employers
  • Interview Techniques...prepare for your best interaction & recall in interviews
  • LinkedIn... how to get started with this powerful networking tool