Grow Your Network

Why Should You Build a Network?

  • Many jobs are not publicly posted
  • Building a network gives you access to jobs before they are posted/to jobs that are not posted
  • Employers like to hire people they have already built relationships with
  • Employers are more likely to hire people who have been recommended by trusted colleagues and friends

How Do You Build a Network?
Networking is all about getting to know people and letting them get to know you. This can be done online and in person. It is valuable to build relationships with people in your desired field, and outside your desired field - you never know who can help you on your career path! Here are some ideas for how to start building relationships:

Tips for Success:

  • Take the intiative to introduce yourself to others
  • Keep an open posture (face your body towards the people you're talking to, keep arms at sides rather than crossed, stand up straight)
  • Practice a firm handshake
  • Look people in the eye
  • Speak clearly
  • Smile!