Government Recruitment Programs

Federal and provincial governments offer a variety of programs to help students and new graduates launch their careers. 

The Government of Canada's Federal Student Work Experience Program helps match students with federal government departments and agencies for temporary jobs, typically taking place in the summer.  There are jobs in many different fields requiring many different skillsets.  Participating in FSWEP is an excellent way for students to explore careers and gain valuable public sector experience. 

The Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) campaign is a Government of Canada program designed to hire university and college graduates into a range of entry-level officer jobs within the federal government.  The campaign typically runs for 3 weeks at the end of September/early October, for positions beginning the following spring/summer.  They advertise for specific positions as well as career inventories that many different departments can draw applicants from.  The application process for these positions can be long and may include testing, background checks, and interviews. 

The Government of Alberta has a Student Summer Employment Registration Service and a number of internship programs for new graduates.  Other provincial governments offer similar programs; contact us for help exploring these options.