GIS & Geography

Canadian Associaton of Geographers A national organization of geographers from universities, colleges, corporations and Government in Canada 
Association of American Geographers A scientific and educational society 
Canadian Center for Remote Sensing Focuses on priorities of the Earth Sciences Sector of Natural Resources Canada
Environment Canada To preserve and enhance the quality of the natural environment 
Geography/GIS/planning/transport Job search and job by e-mail service that is focused on bringing together geographers and employers 
Geomatics Canada Job board for geomatics 
Geomatics Industry Association of Canada Business association dedicated to serving the geomatics industry in Canada
Geological Survey of Canada Agency for geoscientific information and research
Geodesy & Geomatics

Centre for the study of computer mapping, spatial information management and GIS 
Geography Jobs
Job search and job by e-mail service that is focused on bringing together geographers and employers
Geo Community GIS data downloads, GIS job postings, news, GIS software tools, utilities, discussion and more

           Search engine for jobs in Canada

A clearinghouse for environmental information on the Internet, featuring daily news, sustainable business information and careers
Environmental jobs in government, companies, and non-profits: environmental engineers, chemists, technicians, geologists and more
Earthworks Advertises worldwide careers jobs and employment opportunities in Energy, Geosciences, Oil, Mining, Geography, Environmental Sciences and more
EcoEmploy Environmental jobs in government, companies and non-profits. Includes science, natural and green opportunities

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