Transfer Admission

Applicants who have completed three or more transferable courses at one or more post-secondary institutions will be considered under the Transfer Admission Route, below.

Resources for Transfer Applicants

Program Availability and Required Qualifications
English Language Requirements
University of Lethbridge Transfer Equivalencies Database
Transfer Credit Information

Transferable courses

To qualify for general admission, Transfer applicants must have an admission grade point average (AGPA) of at least 2.00 (on the U of L 4.00 GPA scale). The admission average for Transfer applicants presenting five or more transferable courses is calculated on all completed, transferable, post-secondary courses. For Transfer applicants presenting only three to four courses, the admission average is a weighted average of the high school admission average and the post-secondary admission average.

All transferable post-secondary work completed by Transfer applicants, as indicated on transcripts, will be used in determining admission eligibility. Upon admission, completed courses will be considered for transfer credit on a course-by-course basis for eligible post-secondary work in accordance with program and residence requirements. The number of courses considered to be transferable in the context of the admission decision may or may not coincide with the number of courses ultimately awarded transfer credit. For additional information, see Transfer Credit.

College Diploma

Post-Diploma Programs
Applicants who hold two- or three-year college diplomas from recognized institutions will be considered for admission to the appropriate post-diploma program. For details on available post-diploma programs and eligible diplomas, see the Post-Diploma Degree Programs website.

General Admission
Applicants who hold a two- or three-year college diploma of sufficient academic merit from a recognized post-secondary institution, completed with a program GPA of 2.00 or higher (on the U of L 4.00 scale), shall be eligible for general admission in the absence of contradictory evidence. The higher of the diploma program GPA or GPA based on transferable courses (see Transferable Courses, above) will be used for admission purposes. Transfer Credit will be awarded on a course-by-course basis, in accordance with approved transfer credit policies.

See Admission in the Undergraduate Calendar for more detail on College Diploma admission.

Previous Degree

Applicants who have completed an approved degree with a minimum grade point average of 2.00 (on the U of L 4.00 scale) on the terms containing the last 20 graded university-level term courses (60.0 credit hours) will be eligible for general admission to pursue a second degree.

An approved degree is an academic baccalaureate degree requiring a minimum of 30 course equivalents (90.0 credit hours) or a graduate degree from a recognized degree-granting institution. Students are not normally eligible to pursue a second degree that is similar to one already completed at a recognized institution.

Applied and Technology Degrees are not considered to be a basis of admission for second degree or graduate studies programs. Applicants presenting Applied or Technology Degrees from recognized colleges or technical institutes will be considered for admission under College Diploma.