General Admission Requirements

Applicants are considered for general admission under the admission route most appropriate to their academic qualifications. All applicants are required to meet the English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirement. Some programs have additional requirements or higher standards for entry.

  • High School Admission Route
    Applicants presenting high school (often referred to as secondary) credentials, will be considered for admission as a high school applicant.

  • Post-Secondary Admission Route
    Applicants who have completed six or more university-level courses will be considered for admission as a post-secondary applicant.

  • Standardized Test
    Applicants who have completed fewer than six university-level courses and present acceptable ACT or SAT scores will be considered for admission on the basis of their standardized test scores
  • Adult Student (Mature) Admission
    Applicants whose academic qualifications match none of the above may be considered for admission on the basis of their combined education and life experiences.

  • First Nations' Transition Program
    The First Nations’ Transition Program (FNTP) is a first-year credit program, offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science, that provides First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) students who are not fully admissible to the University of Lethbridge an opportunity to enter into, and succeed at, the university level by providing a solid foundation of core skills in a supportive cohort environment that attends to Aboriginal ways of knowing and learning. When space permits, those who qualify for general admission may also access the FNTP.

  • Returning After an Absence
    Former University of Lethbridge students who are seeking to return to the University of Lethbridge after an absence of at least one fall or spring term.

  • Continuing Students
    Current University of Lethbridge students seeking to change their academic program or major.