Continuing Students

A continuing student who wishes to change their academic program or major will apply by submitting an Application for Admission for Continuing Students.

The following criteria will be considered for admission:

All applicants must meet the additional admission requirements for the program to which they are applying
Competitive Programs
Applicants seeking to change to competitive programs will be considered according to the same admission criteria as post-secondary applicants (see Post-Secondary Admission Route).
Non-Competitive Programs
Applicants must meet the minimum academic standing requirement of the Faculty to which they are applying (see Program Availability and Summary of Required Qualifications).

In the case where the program or major to which the student is applying has been introduced after the student’s current year of calendar, the application will be considered for the calendar year for which they are applying.

Students who have graduated from a University of Lethbridge program must successfully apply for admission as a previous degree applicant (see Previous Degree).