Spoken English Language Proficiency Requirement (SELP)

These requirements are applicable for students enrolling for the 2017 / 2018 Academic Year (May 2017 - April 2018).

In addition to the English Language Proficiency requirement for general admission to the University of Lethbridge (see Part 1 - Admission, English Language Requirements of the Undergraduate Calendar and Course Catalogue), applicants to the Faculty of Health Sciences must also meet a Spoken English Language Proficiency requirement. This additional SELP requirement is essential because students must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with colleagues, instructors, professionals and the public in a variety of settings. The SELP requirement must be met prior to admission and may be shown in one of the following ways:

  1. At least six consecutive years of full-time study in a country where the primary language is English from a recognized institution where the language of instruction is English. These studies must include satisfactory completion of English Language Arts 30-1 or its equivalent, or satisfactory completion of a university-level course in English (minimum 3.0 credit hours).
  2. A score of at least 50 on the TSE (Test of Spoken English).
  3. A score of at least 26 on the iBT TOEFL Speaking section.
  4. A score of at least 7.5 on the Academic IELTS band for Speaking.
  5. A score of at least 70 on the CAEL sub-test for Speaking.
  6. A score of at least 3 on the MELAB Speaking section.