International Secondary/High School Admission Requirements

International Secondary/High School Admission Requirements for the University of Lethbridge


Secondary/High School Requirements


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Bachiller/Bachillerato (de Nivel Medio o Segundario o Especializado) including English subject, with a minimum score of 7/10 (good) to 8/10 (superior)



Secondary school leaving certificate, appropriate to Territory



Secondary school leaving certificate (Reifezegnis or Reifeprüfungszeugnis)



Higher Secondary Certificate (First division)



Caribbean Examination Council Secondary Education Certificate, plus Advanced level studie

British model (see below)





One of:

Certificado de Conclusao de 2 Grau (Certificate of Completion of Degree2) or
Certificado de Conclusao de Ensino Medio (Certificate of Completion of Secondary Education)

Plus one of:

Concurso Vestibular (college entrance exam) or
ENEM (middle education national exam)
First year standing at a recognized university.



Advanced and Ordinary level General Certificate of Education Examining Board Certificates. Grades of I, II and III on general proficiency examinations administered by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) are accepted as equivalent to G.C.E. Ordinary level passes.

British model


Bachillerato with a minimum score of 7/10 (acceptable) to 8/10 (outstanding)


P.R. of China

Senior Middle School Diploma and National College Entrance Examination, or equivalent; or, Senior Middle School Diploma and an average grade of 75% or higher (where 50% is the passing grade) on 12th Grade (Year Three of Senior Middle School) English and four of Chinese, Biology, Chemistry, another language, Geography, Mathematics, or Physics, with no single grade less than 50%



Liciencia de Educación Media, including English, with a minimum score of 4/7(average) to 5/7 (very good) and Prueba de Aptitud Academica(PAA) University Entrance Exam


Costa Rica

Bachillerato with a minimum score of 7/10 (acceptable) to 8/10 (outstanding)



Apolytirio Eniaiou of Lykeiou / Devlet Lise Diploma / Lise Bitirme Diplomasi, with a minimum score of 14 out of 20



Bachillerato, with a minimum score of 7/10 to 8/10



Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate



Secondary Education Baccalaureate



Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination or West African Senior School Certificate Examination



School leaving certificate (Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hs.)


Hong Kong

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) with a minimum average of three on the five-point scale on the four core subjects plus two elective subjects and/or other languages


Hong Kong Certificate of Education (HKCE) and the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE)

British model


Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent (First division). Considered equivalent: All-India Secondary School Certificate; Delhi Secondary School Certificate; (All-India) Higher Secondary Examination Part II; Indian School Certificate; Certificate of Vocational Education – Year 12; Senior Secondary Certificate; Intermediate Examination Certificate; Pre-University Examination Certificate; Pre-Degree Examination Certificate.



Diploma-Metevaseth, and June Written Examinations



Matriculation Certificate (Bagrut)



Maturita diploma (Diploma Di Esame Di Stato Conclusivo Dei Corsi Di Istruzione Secondaria Superiore)



See Barbados

British model


Upper Secondary school leaving certificate (Kotogakko Sotsugyo Shomeisho)



Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education

British model

D.P.R. of Korea

Secondary school leaving certificate


Republic of Korea

Graduation certificate from academic high school



Malaysia Certificate of Education (SPM) plus studies at Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM) level, or Certificate of Unified Examination (MICSS) from Independent Chinese Secondary Schools

British model


Applicants are admissible who present the Bachillerato en Ciencias or Humanidades including Year 3-4 English with a minimum of 7/10 to 8/10



School leaving certificate (Gerchilgee)



Proficiency Certificate or Higher Secondary Certificate, with a minimum average of 65%



Voorber.wetensh.onderwijs (VWO)



Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) or West African School Certificate (WAEC), and Higher School Certificate or GCE - Advanced level studies

British model


Intermediate or Higher Secondary Certificate (First division required for either)



Certificado de Educacion Secundaria Comun Completa (Certificate of Completed General Secondary Education) plus first year standing at a recognized university.


Russian Federation

Svidetel'stvo/o Srednem Obrazovanii (Certificate of Secondary Education) or Attestat O Polnom Srednem Obrasovanii (Upper Secondary Education) including English subject, with a minimum score of 3.5/5


Saudi Arabia

General Secondary Education Certificate (Tawjihiya)



Singapore-Cambridge GCE, Ordinary level plus Advanced level courses

British model

South Africa

Matriculation Certificate of the Joint Matriculation Board or Senior (Standard 10) Certificate Examinations which grant exemption from Matriculation Certificate Examinations


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka General Certificate of Education ordinary and advanced levels

British model


Curso de Orientación Universitario (COU)



Senior High School Leaving Certificate



Higher Secondary School Certificate (Mattaayom Suksa 6)


Trinidad and Tobago

See Barbados

British model


Devlet Lise Diplomasi/Lise Bitirme Diplomasi State or Private Secondary School Diploma including English subject, with superior grades



Cambridge GCE or East African Certificate of Education, Ordinary, plus Advanced studies (Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education)

British model


Atestat pro Povnu Zagal'nu Sersdniu Osvitu (Certificate of Complete Secondary Education ), with a minimum average of 4/5


United Arab Emirates

Secondary school leaving certificate (Shahadat Al-Thanawiya Al-Amma)


United Kingdom

GCE, Ordinary level or equivalent, plus courses at the Advanced level

British model

United States

p. 38). Admission average based on SAT or ACT results.

Admission average based on SAT or ACT results


Bachillerator and first year standing at a recognized university



Baccalauréat II (Tu-Tai Hai), or Baccalauréat I and Advanced Certificate, or Tot Nghiep Pho Thong



Advanced and Ordinary level General Certificate of Education Examining Board Certificates

British model

For British model systems: At least five distinct courses with appropriate grade achievement, including at least three courses at the Ordinary level (or equivalent) and at least two courses at the Advanced level (or equivalent).The courses must include English, and a course will not be considered if it duplicates a course subject at the other level. All five courses are used in calculating the admission average. Students who have completed Ordinary level and subsequently completed either an Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma or a year of overseas College Foundation studies (including English) will be considered.Transfer credit will be considered for Advanced level courses in appropriate subjects, completed with grades of ‘C’ or higher. Credit for up to a maximum of ten semester courses may be obtained in this manner.