International Undergraduate Level Admission Requirements

All applicants must provide the following to the Admissions Office (certified English translations are required where the original language is not English or French):

  • Detailed, official statement of completed courses and corresponding grades.
  • For most systems: Grade 12 or equivalent courses must include English, at least three other academic courses (history, languages, mathematics, physical sciences) and a fifth course. These courses are used to calculate the admission average.

    For British model systems: At least five distinct courses with appropriate grade achievement, including at least three courses at the Ordinary level (or equivalent) and at least two courses at the Advanced level (or equivalent).

    • The courses must include English.
    • A course will not be considered if it duplicates a course subject at the other level.
    • All five courses are used in calculating the admission average.
    • Students who have completed Ordinary level and subsequently completed either an Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma or a year of overseas College Foundation studies (including English) will be considered.
    • Transfer credit will be considered for Advanced level courses in appropriate subjects, completed with grades of 'C' or higher. Credit for up to a maximum of ten semester courses may be obtained in this manner.

The English Language Proficiency requirement applies to all applicants whose first language is not English.

Completion of the appropriate secondary/high school qualifications, as outlined below:

Click here to view the International Secondary/High School Admission Requirements.

Please contact the International Centre for Students, should you require additional information.