Guide to the Application Process

  1. Send us your application for admission

    All applicants to the UofL (undergraduate, master's, or Ph.D.) must pay an application fee of $100. Students may submit only one application for admission per semester. A student who re-applies for admission after an absence from the UofL must pay an application fee of $25.

  2. Send us your marks

    Through ApplyAlberta (Alberta Post-Secondary Application System), applicants authorize the University of Lethbridge to request transcripts on their behalf from Alberta Education and/or participating post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

    • Applicants attending institutions not participating in ApplyAlberta or any educational institution out-of-province must arrange to have official transcripts sent directly to the Admissions Office. Where possible, transcripts for out-of-province secondary schools should be issued from the appropriate provincial Department of Education.
    • Applicants currently studying at institutions not participating in ApplyAlberta or any educational institution out-of-province are strongly advised to arrange, at the time of application, for the submission of interim transcripts if necessary final transcripts are not yet available. Final, official transcripts must be submitted on or before the document deadline.
    • Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate should be sent from their respective boards.

    Note that notarized English translations must accompany all documents not in English or French.

    If you are a first time applicant currently completing high school in Canada, you should also self-report your actual/predicted marks on the application form. Do this for ALL grade 12-level courses you have completed or plan to complete by June of the current school year.

  3. Send us other documentation (if required)

    If the program you are applying for or your admission route requires other documents, you must arrange to have these sent directly to the Registrar's Office.

    If you are applying through the mature student route, send your letter of intent and any other documentation to the Registrar's Office.

    If you are applying to a Fine Arts program in

  4. We'll send you a letter

    Your acknowledgement letter will contain:

    • Your UofL ID number
    • The program you applied for
    • A reminder to send us any other documentation needed for your application

    Note: If you are eligible for early admission, we may be able to send your offer letter at this time.

  5. You can check the status of your application
  6. We'll send you an admission package

    If you are eligible for admission, your admission package will contain the following:

    • Offer Letter
    • Program Planning Guide
    • Timetable and Registration Guide
    • UofL Calendar
    • Other documents

    If you are a transfer student, you will receive a Transfer Credit Statement showing the courses for which you will receive credit and how they fit into the General Liberal Education Requirement.

    If you are an international student, you will receive an Immigration Letter. Apply for a student visa as soon as possible at the nearest Canada Immigration office.

  7. Send us a letter to accept your offer

    Return the Confirmation of Admission form (second page of your offer letter) before the expiry date with your tuition deposit. If your letter has expired, but you would still like to attend, contact us.