Guide to the Application Process

  1. Submit your application for admission

    All applicants to uLethbridge must pay an application fee, as follows:

    • Undergraduate 
      • Until August 31, 2016, the application fee is $100 
      • Effective September 1, 2016, the application fees are: 
        • Domestic (all transcripts from Canadian institutions): $100
        • International (any transcript(s) from non-Canadian institutions): $140
    • Graduate
      • Until April 30, 2016, the application fee is $100
      • Effective May 1, 2016, the application fees are:
        • Domestic (all transcripts from Canadian institutions): $100
        • International (any transcript(s) from non-Canadian institutions): $140

    Applicants who have previously submitted an Application for Admission to a level of studies (e.g. undergraduate) are eligible to pay a reduced application fee of $25 for subsequent applications to the same level of studies.

    Applicants may submit only one application for admission per semester. Requests to be considered for admission to an alternate program should be emailed to

  2. Submit your marks, transcripts, and other documents

    The University will consider unofficial documents and documents reporting interim grades or courses in progress to make an admission decision. Any offer of admission made on the basis of unofficial or interim documents will be conditional upon receipt of final official documents. Such documents must confirm the applicant’s eligibility for admission, including current competitive admission standards. To be considered official, documents must be received by the University directly from the issuing institution.

    By submitting an application for admission, applicants authorize the University of Lethbridge to request transcripts on their behalf from Alberta Education and/or post-secondary institutions participating in ApplyAlberta. Applicants who have attended institutions not participating in ApplyAlberta must arrange to have official transcripts sent directly to:

    • Admissions
      University of Lethbridge
      4401 University Drive West
      Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
      T1K 3M4

    Applicants currently studying at institutions not participating in ApplyAlberta or any educational institution out-of-province are strongly advised to arrange, at the time of application, for the submission of interim transcripts if necessary final transcripts are not yet available. Final, official transcripts must be submitted on or before the document deadline.

    It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all required documents are received by the final official document deadline.

    Documents not Issued in English or French

    Certified English translations are required for all admission documents that are not issued in either English or French. 

    Confidentiality of Application Documents

    Applications for admission and all supporting documents are collected, managed, and retained in accordance with the Confidentiality of Student Records policy.

    All documents received in support of an application become the property of the University and will not be released or copied except to other employees of the University as required by University procedures regarding admission, registration, and awards and financial support administration.

  3. We'll send you an email

    Your acknowledgement email will contain:

    • Your uLethbridge ID number
    • The program you applied for
    • The current status of your application
    • A reminder to send us any other documentation needed for your application

    Note: If you are eligible for admission, we may be able to send your offer letter at this time.

  4. Check the status of your application and supporting documents
  5. We'll send you an admission package

    If you are eligible for admission, we will send you an admission package that includes your offer of admission, instructions for accepting your offer, and important information to help you prepare for your studies at uLethbridge. 

    We mail admission packages to undergraduate applicants currently living in Canada or the United States. All other admission packages are emailed to the email account you used to submit your application. 

    If we are unable to issue you an offer of admission, you will be notified by email of the admission decision, the reason(s) for it, and advice for gaining admission to uLethbridge in the future. 

  6. Confirm your admission

    To accept your offer of admission and register as a uLethbridge student, you will need to confirm your admission by returning the Confirmation of Admission form included in your admission package and paying the required tuition deposit before the expiry date indicated in your offer.