Status of Your Application

To check the status of your application, you will need your nine-digit University of Lethbridge Student Identification Number (ID) which was included in your letter from Admissions. If you have lost your letter, or can't remember your ID, contact us.

First, you will need to establish a UofL username and password to access the Bridge.

  1. Go to the Login Setup
  2. Enter your ID number and birthdate
  3. Select a University of Lethbridge username from a list of predetermined choices
  4. Set a new password

With this information, you can log in to the Bridge to view your application status.

  1. Log in to the Bridge
  2. Click Registrar's Office and Student Services
  3. Click Your Admission Status

On the Bridge you can also

  • find out if your application has been received
  • view the status of your application
  • see a list of documents that we have received supporting your application
  • see a list of outstanding documents