New Transfer Admission Route

Students who wish to transfer to the University of Lethbridge from another post-secondary institution may do so through Apply Alberta.

Admission Information

Applicants who have completed three or more transferable semester courses at one or more post-secondary institutions will be considered a New Transfer applicant. 

Programs available to New Transfer applicants
English Language Proficiency requirement that applies to all students whose first language is not English

Transfer student admission to the University of Lethbridge is based on the Admission GPA, as calculated by the Office of Admissions at the University of Lethbridge. The admission GPA is the grade point average on all transferable courses completed prior to the application deadline. Courses taken at a college or technical institution which are not transferable do not affect your admission status. The minimum admission GPA for general admission is a cumulative GPA of 2.00 on the 4.00 scale. Some programs have a higher GPA requirement or additional admission requirements.

Students may gain admission to a Post-Diploma degree program following the completion of an approved diploma. The GPA for College Diploma applicants is calculated on all courses completed towards completion of the diploma and the admission GPA varies according to the program of application. Diplomas completed at a recognized post-secondary institution may also be used as an admission basis to other programs and, where applicable, individual course transfer may be awarded.

Guiding Principles for Transfer Credit Assessment

The University of Lethbridge believes that transfer credit is based on the recognition that, while learning experiences may differ, the substance of courses may be similar in content and rigour. Wherever possible transfer credit will allow maximum recognition of previous learning experience in university-level courses.

Students who have completed post-secondary courses at other post-secondary institutions may be eligible to receive transfer credit which serves to reduce the number of courses that must be completed at the University of Lethbridge in order to complete a program of studies. Transfer credit allows you to use your previous studies toward a new credential at the University of Lethbridge if the courses meet minimum grade requirements and fit within the degree requirements for the program to which you are admitted.

Assessment Information

Transfer credit assessments are completed as part of the admission process. Students must complete and submit an application for admission and are required to submit transcripts prior to assessment of their post-secondary courses.

Transfer credit may be granted to successful applicants who have completed university-level courses at another recognized post-secondary institution. Transfer credit may also be granted for successfully completed Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. For further information see: Advanced Placement  or International Baccalaureate admission route.

The University of Lethbridge Transfer Credit Equivalencies Database  provides information about prior assessment of courses completed at other post-secondary institutions for credit at the University of Lethbridge.

For additional information on post-secondary transfer information from Alberta institutions the Alberta Transfer Guide made available by the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer should be consulted. The British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer, the ON Transfer and NB Transfer Credit Portal may also be helpful. Courses taken at other recognized post-secondary institutions will also be accepted for transfer credit subject to minimum grade and program requirements.

Courses Not Previously Assessed

The following resources are beneficial to a student aiming to receive transfer credit for courses not listed in the University of Lethbridge Transfer Credit Equivalencies Database.

Courses completed at another post‐secondary institution but are not listed in the University of Lethbridge Transfer Credit Equivalencies Database, have not been previously assessed for transfer credit, by the University of Lethbridge. In order to have courses assessed for transfer credit, official course syllabi must be submitted. Please complete one Transfer Credit Assessment Request Form, including detailed course outlines, for each course that is to be evaluated and submit as soon as application for admission is made to the University of Lethbridge. The average processing time of transfer credit assessments varies according to the time of year it is received. Processing will normally take four to six weeks. If course outlines are written in a language other than English, a notarized translation must be provided.

An initial transfer credit assessment will be completed at the point of admission when all required documentation has been received. For students who have courses in progress, a final assessment will occur upon receipt of the final official transcript. 

Where a course has not been previously assessed for transfer credit and sufficient course information is provided, a transfer credit assessment will be carried out. Transfer credit will be awarded once the individual course evaluation is complete. Transfer credit is designated as closely as possible to specified University of Lethbridge courses. Unspecified transfer credit may be awarded when a corresponding equivalent does not exist (i.e. ENGL 1XXX, SSCI 2XXX). This credit may be considered in meeting elective program requirements. Academic Advisors can assist students in determining how unspecified transfer credit can be applied to their program requirements.

Additional Information

Once transfer credit has been awarded, students can view their individual Transfer Credit Statement on the Bridge.

  • All inquiries about the applicability of transfer credits to specific degree requirements should be directed to an Academic Advisor within the appropriate faculty. Students may be required to supply detailed course outlines as well as a completed Transfer Credit Assessment Request Form.
  • Students receiving unspecified transfer credit and feel their completed post-secondary work meets a specific course prerequisite or degree requirement, should review the program requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar or their Program Planning Guide prior to contacting an academic advisor in the appropriate faculty. Elective requirements may be met with unspecified transfer credit.
  • Transfer credit is approved for the program of admission. Should a student wish to change to a different program at the University of Lethbridge, any previously assessed post-secondary work is re-evaluated for the new program, and may or may not be applicable to that program. It is the student’s responsibility to request this re-evaluation.
  • If a student has outstanding transfer credit evaluations at the time of registration for courses at the University of Lethbridge, the student should not register in any courses for which they believe they may receive transfer credit. Program planning should be done in consultation with an Academic Advisor in the appropriate faculty.
  • If outlines are written in a language other than English, a certified translation must be provided.

Not accepted are:

  • Student translations of outlines;
  • Transfer credit assessments from other institutions;
  • Hard copy documents;
  • Handwritten documents.