International Baccalaureate

Students presenting International Baccalaureate (IB) credentials have the option at the point of admission of receiving transfer credit for approved courses in which they have achieved satisfactory grades. An official IB transcript is required.

IB credentials are recognized both as an admission route and as a means of satisfying specific course requirements:

High School applicants presenting IB credentials may receive university course credits for IB courses if they meet the minimum grade achievement levels given in the IB Course Chart.
Applicants presenting complete IB diplomas are guaranteed general admission to the University, subject to English Language Proficiency requirements, and particular program requirements and deadlines. Admission to quota programs is not guaranteed, but is subject to normal enrolment management procedures.
Where an applicant presents both an IB course and the corresponding Grade 12 course for a particular subject, the higher grade will be used for admission purposes (see the IB Grade Conversion Chart).